to CACFO, We strive to advise, encourage and influence families to empower themselves. Specialising in Community Education and the Social Welfare of all, without discrimination. CACFO aims to empower families to achieve long life successes through the development of education, cultural pride and effectiveness.

Education is Key..

..The CACFO Education Centre is a registered Independent School. Unlike most Independent schools, the CEC is run in partnership between CACFO and Croydon Council’s Department for Children!

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Community Spirit..

..Serving the young and elderly by working for the benefit of the African and African Caribbean families prosperity; developing Education and Welfare needs in the London Borough of Croydon and the surrounding community.


Rental Services

The Centre offers affordable, versatile spaces that can be transformed to suit any needs and requirements.


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We are currently expanding membership of our Adult Day Care Centre. To join please click "here"

CACFO UK Education Centre

We provide education for children who have been suspended from mainstream schooling or require respite.

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CACFO UK Digital Zone

We are in the process of setting up a UK Digital Zone to provide free computer access and supervision to encourage more people in Croydon to benefit from online services.  This forms part of Croydon Council’s Go-On programme.

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News & Events

See all the latest News on Local CACFO events in and around Croydon and the South East.

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We offer a variety of activities like sewing classes, keep fit, bingo, chess, dominoes, etc.

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